Paestum is an ancient city of Magna Grecia called by the founders Poseidonia in honor of Poseidon but very devoted to Athena and Hera, the city more than 2500 years after its foundation preserves virtually all its charm. The archaeological area is within a wall of about 5 km that extends between the sea and the hill. The visit starts from the most important monument represented by the temple of Athena (temple of Cerere) of the end of the 6th century. B.C. the temple of Hera and the temple of Neptune. The tour includes a visit to the National Archaeological Museum which collects findings of exceptional interest. Of great interest is the famous Tomb of the Tomb and the cycle of painted tombs. The tourist guide service can be requested separately.

Departure time: on request

Pick up / drop off: Hotel, FFSS, port, city center

Duration approximately 6 hours


Not included:
and any entrance fees (when applicable)